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Need some jquery plugins - faviouz - 2010-01-05
load the news/resources page. See? It kinda smoothly fades in coming from up. Anyone know what plugin it is? I want something that loads my content just like that, whatever it is. Images, text or video (mainly text and sometimes images).

A second one, which is less important, changing the links colours when he move the mouse over them smoothly, so it changes from a colour to another very smoothly.

Thanks in advance.

RE: Need some jquery plugins - Aincalandorn - 2010-01-06

For the first one, it doesn't seem smooth for me. But it could just be a browser issue.

As for the second, the only way I know how to do that is in CSS.
a :hover {
color: #hexcode;
a {
I'm pretty sure that I have the first part of that code right. I can't remember if ":hover" is correct or not.

RE: Need some jquery plugins - faviouz - 2010-01-06

lol I know that, pretty basic CSS. I mean changing the colours SMOOTHLY. Which would require some kind of JS script, perhaps jquery..

RE: Need some jquery plugins - Bob Jansen - 2010-01-06

It's a simple jQuery slider, read this for a how to do it and a demo: For the smooth links they ysed jQuery fade:

RE: Need some jquery plugins - DragonFever - 2010-01-06

Take a look at this: