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subscription plugin - tomaso88 - 2010-01-06

I need a plugin where people pay and get put in to a donation group I already know of 2 but both you have to pay for so are there any free ones?

RE: subscription plugin - Lo. - 2010-01-06


You want to make money off you site, but your not willing to pay money? Thats just bad math bro.

RE: subscription plugin - tomaso88 - 2010-01-06

haha i no it sounds bad but ok listen i dont have the cash to be able to pay for one but once my sites up i will its the way im doing my site

RE: subscription plugin - Lo. - 2010-01-06

Then do a post exchange for Labrocca's.

RE: subscription plugin - Reserector - 2010-01-20

What are the ones that you have to pay for? I am in need of this. I am asking here because I would like reccommendations from anyone who has experience with them.

One more thing; is there a way to offer a larger avatar to subscribers?

RE: subscription plugin - Damion - 2010-01-20

RE: subscription plugin - Reserector - 2010-01-21

Thanks. Smile