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+----- Thread: and (/thread-6535.html) and - RCT3X - 2006-02-05

Hey Big Grin

I have 2 sites, one for Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 and one for Tycoon City : New York!

They both use MyBB forums, feedback welcome Smile

Tycoon City New York : Forum :

RCT3X : Forum :

RE: and - Dale Hay - 2006-02-06

Oooo Tycoon City? Woah, shows I ain't popped over to Atari for a while to see what games are out for months! Nice sites by the way Wink

RE: and - RCT3X - 2006-02-09

Cheers Big Grin

Tycoon City is a pretty cool game! You should get it Toungue

Any other feedback on the sites?