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Crystal Lounge - Kolton T. - 03-19-2010

Everyone, I introduce to you a forum with almost everything! The Crystal Lounge is a discussion board with as much as we can fit, and still making it entertaining. It's a mixture of every topic, and still growing. Any topic me or the other Administrators think up, will be posted. We are doing our best to expand big with as many topics as possible, so everyone has a place.

Please come check out our forum at the link below. A lot of time and effort has been put into this, and we have no intentions of stopping, at all.. So, please give us a shot, and feedback always helps. This is the best of my creations yet, so please take a look.

[Image: 34yo300.png]

Want to become part of our staff? Check out this thread!

RE: Crystal Lounge - Serenity278 - 03-19-2010

- Like the name but of course you need to buy a regular domain.
- Different theme as I seen that theme on almost all the showcase forums it seems like. Google "mybb themes" and you will find different free themes on different sites.
- Better logo. The fire doesn't really fit the niche of your board....???

RE: Crystal Lounge - Kolton T. - 03-19-2010

Thanks for the comments. I currently can't afford a regular domain, so is the best where we can go. If more people come, a regular domain will be looked into.

Thank you for the theme feedback, I'll be looking into different ones. Any suggestions for Afresh?

Thanks again for the feedback, I'll get a different one. Toungue

RE: Crystal Lounge - Spencer - 03-19-2010

Another Afresh forum with a free domain...These forums really don't go far, but good luck! Smile

RE: Crystal Lounge - Kolton T. - 03-19-2010

I don't have a lot of money available right now. Also, I quite like the Afresh themes... Thanks.

RE: Crystal Lounge - Chasingu - 03-19-2010

I know I have been mean in the past but I have a suggestion. You should make the domain so that it hides the real domain name so it just looks like the entire time.

RE: Crystal Lounge - Kolton T. - 03-19-2010

What's the difference?

RE: Crystal Lounge - Chasingu - 03-19-2010

Well, instead of
It would always look like

RE: Crystal Lounge - Kolton T. - 03-19-2010

How would I do that then?

RE: Crystal Lounge - Jessie S. - 03-19-2010

Just make a domain on the website called and make the redirection domain correct me if I'm wrong, you can also make a .tk ( IMHO its much easier to use.