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[REQ] Avatar + sig Remover Mod - .Lou - 2006-02-20

Could anyone make a mod that hooks into the admin control panel (plugins folder, not the new module thing) that can stop certain users from having an avatar, and also allows the admin to choose to have an avatar for the user, that they can't change. This means we could easily make avatars that say "Avatar Removed: Porno" and the user would not be able to remove it or change it.

edit: Would be good for signatures also!

RE: [REQ] Avatar Remover Mod - dudez12 - 2006-02-25

Good idea! Big Grin

RE: [REQ] Avatar Remover Mod - zaher1988 - 2006-02-25

Welll as u know!! you can restrain certain group(s) from using or uploading avatars, and also from the admin cp, you may also specify an certain avatar for a specific user(s).
so in case you are not looking to allow any of a certain group's members to use avatars, and you put theirs by ur own, i can say it's already in mybb

many regards

RE: [REQ] Avatar Remover Mod - .Lou - 2006-02-27

But If they are already in a special group or w/e it gets harder and etc. And I wouldn't want to have to have different groups for different avatar removed reasons.

edit: Would be good for signatures also!