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Plugins - MisterW - 2010-05-18

When reactivating some plugins it says they are not compatible with 1501.

"This plugin is incompatible with MyBB 1501 "

so when the final is released will the plugins be updated? Smile

RE: Plugins - Ryan Gordon - 2010-05-18

The point of the MyBB 1.6 beta is not for you to run an actual forum with plugins, but to test the MyBB 1.6 functionality and report bugs.

RE: Plugins - MisterW - 2010-05-18

Ohhh sorry, I have not found any bugs yet everything is working fine. Smile

RE: Plugins - Solstice - 2010-05-18

you can opne the php file of your plugin, change the compatibility and work fine

RE: Plugins - MisterW - 2010-05-18

Is it a hard edit?

RE: Plugins - Nayar - 2010-05-18

(2010-05-18, 03:33 PM)markwesley Wrote: Is it a hard edit?

no.requires 10 secs

RE: Plugins - Matt - 2010-05-18

But if the plugin's not been updated to be 1.6 compatible, it may not be as simple as just changing that.

RE: Plugins - Tom K. - 2010-05-18

When can us plugin developers have some info on the code changes needed? Is there already a blog/wiki post on this?

Im not too bothered about it right now, as the development of 1.6 is more important Smile

RE: Plugins - StefanT - 2010-05-18

I think there will be a post about it...

RE: Plugins - Lennart Sauter - 2010-05-18

I hope so, it was said that we'd encounter hook changes that could cause massive problems for existing plugins.
Waiting for a official staff info about it Smile