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Delicious Manga - Ruriko - 2010-05-27

Hey guys check out my new manga forum at I basically just colorized the default theme

RE: Delicious Manga - Michael Malin - 2010-05-27

WOW, the content is very interessting...

RE: Delicious Manga - Sajuuk - 2010-05-29

@Euriko: Completely pointless promoting a site here when it's empty

RE: Delicious Manga - Trinit - 2010-05-29

Hmm......... The theme is nice ._.

RE: Delicious Manga - Rozzy - 2010-05-29

Lol 6 members, 0 posts.

RE: Delicious Manga - PHP_Paul - 2010-05-29

Is it allowed to be advertised here? Your forum hosts manga which is copyrighted material. Same as if you were offering music downloads or any other media for illegal consumption.

RE: Delicious Manga - Sajuuk - 2010-05-29

Do you know what manga is?

RE: Delicious Manga - PHP_Paul - 2010-05-29


Are you talking to me? Yes of course I know what it is. I lived in Japan for a year lol. Can't say it's my alley (I'm not a 12 yr old, the main demographic of manga), but I'm very much aware exactly what it is.

RE: Delicious Manga - Lo. - 2010-05-30

Gaara, he is speaking purely legal truth, its illegal to do what he is doing. He could be charged and fined.

RE: Delicious Manga - Bob Jansen - 2010-05-30

That directory is very interestedly coding but again I question if it's legal, besides that you should post some content on the forums.