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My Forum - Pritesh - 2010-06-12

Hello Reader !
Please Visit My Forum:
It's All About TechNology, Please It Is My New Forum, Visit & You Will Not Be Disapointed & Also Don't Forget To Register. Thank You

RE: My Forum - labra - 2010-06-12

Why Are You Talking In Caps In Every Single World?

RE: My Forum - Anman - 2010-06-12

Because It Makes Him Look Cool

RE: My Forum - webaph - 2010-06-12

Work On Your Grammar.
Cut Down Some Forums, You Have Too Many Empty Ones (Including The Rules One (?))

Get A Better Domain.

RE: My Forum - Ferron - 2010-06-12

It's a good forum however I suggest that you post more often. The forums look kind of dead with only about 8 posts in them.

RE: My Forum - Bob Jansen - 2010-06-12

Get rid of some forums, also nice job on finding a good theme Toungue.

RE: My Forum - Sajuuk - 2010-06-12

Get a real domain. forums fail in the first 2 weeks.
They are good to start off a forum, but not to be a permanent solution.

And as has been said many times above, you have too many pointless forums, such as a forum for just rules. Dont' see the point of it.

Also, guests are able to see your staff zone.

RE: My Forum - Rozzy - 2010-06-12

Remove Caps From Every Word On Your Forum Description. It Is Unprofessional.

RE: My Forum - Pritesh - 2010-06-12

Okay, Thanks For The Suggestion Guys !

RE: My Forum - Sajuuk - 2010-06-12

Why are there driver and freeware trial downloads on your forum? Are you allowed to post them there?