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View Unread Posts - User 12076 - 2010-06-19

View Unread Posts for MyBB

This plugin add a "view unread posts" function for all registered users - additional search engine option, like a the same function in phpBB3. There is a lot of settings and options:
  • Exception forums list: admin can disable every forums from search
  • Unread post marek in thread view: small, red info "Unread post"
  • Counter and link: there is new link to search unread posts with optional counter (how many unreads)
  • Mark topic as read from search results: user can mark any thread as read from search results view, just click topic icon (AJAX)
  • Forum search mode: there is option to search only on specific forum, where user is

This plugin add link to author website (only for web spiders). If you do not want this, do not use plugin, or make donate and contact author.

Package contains:
- plugin files
- instruction (English and Polish)



Mods database (MyBB 1.8):


RE: View Unread Posts 1.0 - Conor C. - 2010-06-19

Looks good, no issues found and I think I will install this myself Smile

Great plugin xD

RE: View Unread Posts 1.0 - Solstice - 2010-06-19

O.o images please

RE: View Unread Posts 1.0 - afzulnizam - 2010-06-19

S.shoot or live preview will be more better before we try.

RE: View Unread Posts 1.0 - User 12076 - 2010-06-19

It add new option to search. In original mybb we have (examples):


my plugin add new link and function to search unreads posts:


The results are view as topics list.
In default, we can search unreads only by look on the forums and topics images:

[Image: on.gif]

[Image: newfolder.gif]

on.gif, newfolder.gif and others

RE: View Unread Posts 1.0 - Alan S. - 2010-06-19

Nice plugin, I've installed it.

You could make the plugin change the templates though. Smile

RE: View Unread Posts 1.0 - frostschutz - 2010-06-19

I just use search.php?action=getdaily&days=<insert threadreadcut value here>. This lists all threads sorted by date and includes all that can possibly be unread too. The default action=getdaily is useless in forums with low activity, as it will most often only display 0-5 threads or so. Lots of MyBB's default settings are suboptimal for low activity (and therefore for most) forums.

Persian - View Unread Posts 1.0 - Pars - 2010-06-20

Persian Language:

More Information (Persian):


RE: View Unread Posts 1.0 - Alan S. - 2010-06-21

This isn't working correctly for me. It's not picking up new threads.

RE: View Unread Posts 1.0 - User 12076 - 2010-06-21

Ok, I will check this.