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Thurrock Paranormal - philc - 2006-03-05

This is the main chat forum for Thurrock Paranormal, a team of paranormal investigators based in Thurrock, Essex, England. We have something for everyone on here: Paranormal chat, Unexplained Mysteries, Spirituality and General Chat Forums.

It used to be a Proboards forum up until recently, then I changed it for a Mybb which according the opinions from the members, everyone prefers the new one! Big Grin

We are still regaining our members from the old site so at the moment we have approx 30 members when we had 61 on the old one.

I would like to hear some comments on the layout etc and if you want feel free to join up.

Thanks! Big Grin

RE: Thurrock Paranormal - zaher1988 - 2006-03-05