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Unused buttons? - Firestryke31 - 2010-07-05

There are three buttons that I've not seen any use for yet, and was wondering if they serve a purpose now:
[Image: postbit_profile.gif] (postbit_profile)
[Image: postbit_quickquote.gif] (postbit_quickquote, different from postbit_multiquote which I've seen used)
[Image: postbit_replyall.gif] (postbit_replyall)

If someone could tell me whether or not these are worth my time to find icons, type the text, and resize the button graphic for each one; that would be very nice. Thank you.

RE: Unused buttons? - Firestryke31 - 2010-07-08

Does anyone know? Surely someone can tell me something.

RE: Unused buttons? - Jason L. - 2011-11-12

quickquote and profile I'm unsure about. Reply to all is used in Private Messages. Send a PM to multiple people and open it up in sent items. You will see it there.

RE: Unused buttons? - Scoutie44 - 2011-11-13

Reply to all is when you CC to multiple people iirc, not sure about the others. Might be settings?

RE: Unused buttons? - smexy - 2011-11-13

Does anybody know the font used in these buttons? I want to make two.

RE: Unused buttons? - faviouz - 2011-11-13

The font is Trebuchet MS, bold, 10pt, all caps.

Also, this might come in handy:

RE: Unused buttons? - Ferron - 2011-11-13

Is postbit_spam used at all? I've never seen it live before.

RE: Unused buttons? - Jason L. - 2011-11-13

(2011-11-13, 11:28 PM)Ferron Wrote: Is postbit_spam used at all? I've never seen it live before.

It's used for Askimet. See right of postbit.