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RE: Apart for 1.6 [Released] - Cayo - 09-11-2010

First, many thanks to Justin for this very awesome theme series.

As far as I know, a german button set hasn't been released yet.
So I've just created one and now I would like to share it with you.

If there are any questions or suggestions, just send me a PM Wink

RE: Apart for 1.6 [Released] - vash - 09-13-2010

(09-09-2010, 08:08 PM)BlueGames Wrote: Very good theme! But I want to customize buttons (New Reply, new thread etc.) to my language. But file formats are gimp files. Are there buttons in psd (photoshop file)?


If you download gimp you can actually save the buttons direct into psd format.

I will try and attach it but the file size may be too big in which case PM me with an email address if you don't want to go the gimp download route!

RE: Apart for 1.6 [Released] - PeterT - 09-13-2010

I am upgrading my theme from afresh midnight to apart night'

Just one small problem, can someone tell me what I change to make the wooden background image more visible.

This is the original and how I would like it to look followed by my new apart unfixed version.



RE: Apart for 1.6 [Released] - stoffer - 09-13-2010

(09-13-2010, 11:46 AM)PeterT Wrote: can someone tell me what I change to make the wooden background image more visible.
I asked the same thing Peter. It has something to do with the margin width I'm guessing but I can't find how to change it either. Sad
Let's hope Justin or someone else responds to our request.

Hi PeterT.
Which template did you edit in the end?

RE: Apart for 1.6 [Released] - adbrad - 09-13-2010

This theme looks alot like ipb was that intetional.

RE: Apart for 1.6 [Released] - stoffer - 09-13-2010

Thanks to PeterT for the solution.
Just to recap:
In AdminCP I went to edit the "Apart Dawn" theme and selected the global.css stylesheet to edit.
In the Width field I put "92%" (without quotes).
In the Extra CSS Attributes field on the right, I changed "margin: 0;" to "margin: auto auto;" (without quotes).
I have a nice border around my Forums and can know see the parquet floor background as in the older theme.
Well done to PeterT for solving the problem and for the fast response!

RE: Apart for 1.6 [Released] - Dollar Bill - 09-15-2010

Having an odd problem. In firefox the collapse button on the far right for the first set of categories shows normally and in IE and Chrome it shows as a broken image. The odd part is that it's only the first set of categories, and sets further down the page display the collapse button normally. Can't figure out how to fix it, unfortunately.

RE: Apart for 1.6 [Released] - faviouz - 09-15-2010

umm that's weird. Do you have a URL?

RE: Apart for 1.6 [Released] - Dollar Bill - 09-15-2010

Not at the moment. Had to take it down because of that error - it was driving me insane. I want to use the theme but will probably pass if I can't figure it out.

Another oddity about it is the first collapse button is actually like a [-] in text style link while the other collapse buttons are actual image boxes like normal. I don't figure any plugins would cause that.

Edit: Figured it out. Apparently it was the plugin

Quote:Custom Forum Icons (1.0)
Allows you to set a custom icon per forum.
Created by Jammerx2

Edit2: Problem fixed. Apparently using the custom forum icon plugin creates a new directory that starts looking for collapse.gif for some reason. Popping collapse.gif into that new image directory plugged that hole and caused it to display. It was showing the collapse.gif image as the alt text [-] because it couldn't find the image.

Hope that helps someone else if they encounter that problem!

RE: Apart for 1.6 [Released] - Coach - 09-16-2010

(09-08-2010, 02:09 PM)Uncontrol Wrote:
(09-05-2010, 02:42 AM)Coach Wrote: If I right-click it and select "Open image in new tab" (using Chrome) I get a 404 Not Found error.

Then it's simple: the file is not where it needs to be.

That's certainly what the message suggests, but it's in exactly the same place (with the same permissions) as the default logo (which has been renamed) that came with the theme.