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RE: Apart for 1.6 [Released] - Mone - 08-03-2010

wow very nice

RE: Apart for 1.6 [Released] - Scoutie44 - 08-03-2010

The popularity stems from the simplicity and compatibility of the theme. I can't say I feel the same way. Make something better and maybe you'll get popular.

Excellent themes btw, Justin Smile

RE: Apart for 1.6 [Released] - Alex H. - 08-03-2010

*looks into future, apart is the new and most overused themes!*

RE: Apart for 1.6 [Released] - Diminished - 08-03-2010

I want to change the header like this:

So that the main icons are in the center and the "Hello There, Guest! (Login — Register)" is where it is on the site shown above.

For MyBB 1.4, I could just copy and paste it, but now it doesn't work and just makes the forum go wierd.

My site is

and I just want the header to look the same


RE: Apart for 1.6 [Released] - Sleepwalker - 08-03-2010


I'm 100% sure that I am sick and tired of people bitching and moaning about how overused Afresh is. People use it because its an amazing looking theme. Stop being annoying little online non-conformists and get over the fact that Justin's themes are good and people like to use them.

How the hell is people overusing the same brilliant theme but in a different colour scheme a bad thing for community? Think about how many people have forums and how many of those people use Afresh. It's the most professional looking theme for this forum software and without it, MyBB would definitely not have as much of a user-based that it does today. Just because it has amazing features and is coded splendidly, at the end of the day all users see is the theme and if it appeals to them they will stick around.

The rest of you posters are right, Afresh is easily modifiable and looks beautiful. I use it over at MoshForums with the ProPortal and people comment all the time about how professional and awesome my site looks.

Okay, I'm done ranting but please take into consideration how amazing Justin's work is before you begin sounding like an annoying little interwebz troll, or I like to call it, Jessi Slaughter.

RE: Apart for 1.6 [Released] - Eric J. - 08-03-2010

Honestly, the theme hasn't changed much at all, so I'll be sticking with The Cure. Maybe if you made something new I'd be willing to use it lol, I'm already tired of seeing this theme, it's everywhere I look, and might as well be the base theme for MyBB...

RE: Apart for 1.6 [Released] - andi15101990 - 08-03-2010

Thank you for this great Theme.
I hope German Buttons coming soon.

RE: Apart for 1.6 [Released] - ghazal - 08-03-2010

Simply magnificent !

RE: Apart for 1.6 [Released] - Surface - 08-03-2010

Can we expect PSD's for the logo?

RE: Apart for 1.6 [Released] - jmeeter - 08-03-2010

Anyone who bitches about Afresh/Apart themes need to step it up and design a complete theme themselves. 98% of the themes submitted for MyBB look like someone let their blind 12 yr old have a whack at Photoshop.

Thanks Justin for all your effort! I love this theme and will be installing it on my forum shortly!