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[Resolved] How do I - radone29 - 2010-08-08

I just installed a theme by Justin, I have one plug in only ( mybb prostats ) I really Love this plug in, BUT, when i installed the theme the plug in doesn't show. How can I make it show on this theme? It shows On the Original theme that came with the mybb install, but not on the one I installed. I am Running Mybb 1.6 if that makes a difference.

before you ask, yes the theme is installed correctly.

Any help would be greatly thanked.

BTW its a very nice theme.

RE: How do I - marines - 2010-08-09

Did you re-activated plugin after theme install?

RE: How do I - radone29 - 2010-08-09

yes I did

RE: How do I - Alan S. - 2010-08-09

Open the index template and check that {$ps_header_index} and {$ps_footer_index} are in there. If not...


Replace with:

RE: How do I - radone29 - 2010-08-09

Rock on! many thanks!