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Hosting down - Trinit - 2010-08-18

Hello there, I use the forumforge as hosting. Well my site is down and I think that there is a name server issue because I had an email talking about it.
When I got the email I wrote a ticket and they said that my name servers are fine.
Do anyone who use theforumforge as hosting have the same problem?
Here it says that is just me:
But it's impossible!

RE: Hosting down - KuJoe - 2010-08-18

It's online for me. Wink

RE: Hosting down - faviouz - 2010-08-18 doesn't load for me either.

RE: Hosting down - darkly - 2010-08-18

It's loading for me. Smile

RE: Hosting down - Conor C. - 2010-08-18

Firefox can't find the server at Sad

RE: Hosting down - FBI - 2010-08-18

its okay for me (Opera) from Asia

RE: Hosting down - faviouz - 2010-08-18

So far only Europe users couldn't access the site. Me (Portugal), Trinit (Italia) and Conor (UK).

Ask some more people.

RE: Hosting down - Alex Smith - 2010-08-18

Another ok from here in the states. Try contacting your host see if there is something going on with the lines to/from europe to you server.

RE: Hosting down - Diogo Parrinha - 2010-08-18

Business Transit (TheForumForge first owners) sold their Chicago servers (TheForumForge and Cactus Internet) to another company.

I'm moving to a VPS with Business Transit right now simply because I just can't stand the new company.
Their support is horrible - they blame me whenever I report downtime - as you can see I'm not the only one having issues. Plus Bob Jansen has this problem too.
So yeah I'm moving away from them

RE: Hosting down - cohen - 2010-08-18

Well it loads for me in Aus.

That sucks that the servers were sold. They had a good company going!