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RE: Hosting down - Alan S. - 2010-08-20

I'm moving my forum today, the support is totally useless.

RE: Hosting down - Diogo Parrinha - 2010-08-20

(2010-08-20, 01:05 AM)AJS Wrote:
(2010-08-20, 12:54 AM)vividWire Wrote: What I can say is -- as I'm sure many of you are aware, when we owned this company, we cared for both the brand and its customers dearly. Our staff responded to tickets quickly, with passion, professionalism and courtesy, and we always aimed to see issues through. We strived to provide a quality, high uptime experience that we have successfully delivered year on year for Managed Hosting customers through previous brand names, and this ambition was realised.

While Business Transit owned Forum Forge I never had a problem, the support was excellent.

It takes these new "people" 12 hours to give a robots reply and not solve anything. I'll be looking for a new host over the next few days.


Did you move servers? I'm experiencing downtime very regularly and so do my members!


Their Reply:
Quote:Is it fixed now?

My Reply:
Quote:Hey there,

No, it's not fixed. Are you really sure you did not move servers? Because this seems like a DNS problem.


Their Reply:
Quote:Please clear your cache.

They think I'm dumb. Support is great as you can all see. If you have the opportunity to move away from them to BusinessTransit, do so!

RE: Hosting down - Trinit - 2010-08-20

Same here. They told me like 5 times to clear my cache. I did and now they say that is my ISP. I don't think that everyone in this thread that sees my site offline have my ISP!

RE: Hosting down - faviouz - 2010-08-20

Oh god. TFF had such a good reputation.

I lold hard at Pirata's support tickets.

RE: Hosting down - Trinit - 2010-08-20

Finally someone who cares about the problem! I've been assigned to the 3rd level and now they're trying to fix it!

RE: Hosting down - Alan S. - 2010-08-20

(2010-08-20, 11:49 AM)Trinit Wrote: Finally someone who cares about the problem! I've been assigned to the 3rd level and now they're trying to fix it!

Lucky you, I just gave up and closed my ticket. Cool

RE: Hosting down - Trinit - 2010-08-20

They said that the previous owners didn't do some changes to my DNS zones and they are fixing the problem for every customer!

RE: Hosting down - Alex Smith - 2010-08-20

Why are you guys still there? I would have if this happened for more than 24 hours without a good explanation...

Get a vps and call it day because then if it does go down it's more likely your fault Toungue.

RE: Hosting down - Lo. - 2010-08-20

Hosts come and go. I'm sure a new one with TFF quality will be up around soon enough. Though, if you need help getting a VPS from BT, i can help you set it up. Wink

RE: Hosting down - Scoutie44 - 2010-08-20

Quote:Please clear your cache.


I'll be moving to MyBBWH shortly.