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[Plugin Update] Newsletter Plugin - jlong1 - 2010-08-26

I've decided to update MrD.'s old Newsletter Plugin from MyBB 1.2 to 1.6 (original thread here).

I'll basically post progress reports, etc in here.

Update SQL queries - Done.
Rebuilding Admin menu - In progress.


I'm also possibly accepting requests for new features to be implemented into the updated version.

RE: [Plugin Update] Newsletter Plugin - Alan S. - 2010-08-26

What does it already do?

Looking at MrD's original thread it doesn't look like it actually did much.

I'd like to see the ability to add a list of the most recent new topics with links.

RE: [Plugin Update] Newsletter Plugin - jlong1 - 2010-08-26

I believe the original plugin had these forum stats, etc available to include:

No. of Threads
No. of Posts
No. of Users
Latest Threads
Latest Posts

It would only email to people in the secondary user group 'Mailing List', which users can opt out of any time.

RE: [Plugin Update] Newsletter Plugin - JohnMac - 2010-09-13

Can't wait for this, I will actually use this as soon as it's available Smile Do you know how long there is to go before a release?

RE: [Plugin Update] Newsletter Plugin - alv4 - 2010-09-13

This looks interesting ^^

RE: [Plugin Update] Newsletter Plugin - ryansstuff - 2010-09-14

owww looking forward to this Smile

will be having this once you have finished Smile

RE: [Plugin Update] Newsletter Plugin - lecteur - 2010-10-20

Yes this will be interesting Smile

RE: [Plugin Update] Newsletter Plugin - ryansstuff - 2010-10-20

well since they have not logged in since 09-12-2010 12:42 PM i am not hoping much for it now.

RE: [Plugin Update] Newsletter Plugin - katib - 2011-01-08

Hope this project will come to life again

RE: [Plugin Update] Newsletter Plugin - ryansstuff - 2011-01-08

Yer me to Smile