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ThinkGFX - webaph - 2006-03-22

Ok I was using SMF. I had host problems so I switched to CreateMyBB. Since there was no converter and the phpbb one was deleted, I had to restart the forum.

So it is a graphics forum. But not just graphics, it is also a community, and web design discussion. Please join and help me grow it. I'll be trying to make it active.

Also, I made the theme, and could use some comments. I know the banner sucks, that's just temporary till I make a new one (lazy).

The link is or
I registered and pointed to the real link, but DNS takes forever to refresh.


P.S. Looking for affiliates.

RE: ThinkGFX - Ryan Ashbrook - 2006-03-22

When I start up MyBB Templates I'll affiliate with you. Smile

Nice site. Smile

RE: ThinkGFX - webaph - 2006-03-22

Lol Thanks. I'll keep trying to advertise. Two friends of mine will be helping me on it.

RE: ThinkGFX - Coder - 2006-04-02

Your forum looks very nice but your forum logo is not very suitable for your contest...
you need content