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[REQUEST] Quick Theme Change - PHP_Paul - 2006-03-27

I'd love a new mod very similar to this one: . The problem with it is that it's not compatible with 1.1 =/ It uses and outdated version of myBB.

If anyone could upgrade this, I'd be really grateful =D Maybe even k776 could update it?

RE: [REQUEST] Quick Theme Change - RollerC - 2006-04-02

Id also like an upgraded version that is located on the bottom of the forum and allows guests to chage the skin.

RE: [REQUEST] Quick Theme Change - Jed K - 2006-06-18

Is anyone doing this?
I could really use it.

If I missed this elsewhere, I apologize.

RE: [REQUEST] Quick Theme Change - Jed K - 2006-06-20

Hmm, anyone?
Just double checking incase people missed this topic or whatnot.


RE: [REQUEST] Quick Theme Change - Jed K - 2006-06-21

Still hoping for some help or information on this MOD.

RE: [REQUEST] Quick Theme Change - PHP_Paul - 2006-06-22

Believe me, I'm still waiting too.

This is one thing vB has over myBB.

RE: [REQUEST] Quick Theme Change - Jed K - 2006-06-23

Yeah... I figured that someone who knew what they were doing would be able to update the old one rather easily, but I guess that's not the case. ^^

RE: [REQUEST] Quick Theme Change - destroyer - 2006-06-23

I have one on my forum, but don't know anymore what you have to do for installing it.

RE: [REQUEST] Quick Theme Change - RollerC - 2006-07-14

I'd also like to get rid of the ugly Change Theme and make it so that guests can view my themes

RE: [REQUEST] Quick Theme Change - Ryan Gordon - 2006-07-14

i've got one nearly ready. The only problem is that I built it for 1.2, so you guys will have to wait till then