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Www.<snip>.Net - `P R O D I G Y™ - 2010-09-18


Just a small growing community about programming, gaming, and off topic discussion.


RE: Www.Dark-Forums.Net - Spyder - 2010-09-18

I saw some hacking activty on there. Just letin you know.

RE: Www.Dark-Forums.Net - Sajuuk - 2010-09-18

Sorry, but because you have hacking content on your forum, we can't allow you to showcase your forum or get support here.

Www.Dark-Forums.Net - Polarbear541 - 2010-09-18


We do not offer support or allow forums to be showcased if they contain hacking material, warez or any other illegal content or discussion. This is an ethical policy we have as we do not want to condone these activities, or allow use of the showcase forum to advertise forums with this content.

Feel free to PM me any questions you have regarding this.

MyBB Support Team.