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Math plugin thingy. - Lo. - 2010-09-24

I need a math plugin for equations, trig that stuff. Thanks in advance.

RE: Math plugin thingy. - Tom K. - 2010-09-27

OFFTOPIC: What on earth for Mark??? Toungue

What ype of trig functions?

RE: Math plugin thingy. - Lo. - 2010-09-27

Anything that might be used in advanced functions to Calculas, Exdiogene found a thread with a similiar product i got it Toungue.

And at the offtopic, i took over the schools website, and one of the teachers has a math help forum, so i offered to just add it to the site.

RE: Math plugin thingy. - demank - 2015-09-07

I also need it,
anyone have any suggestion? what plugin should be installed?
because for ease to write an math equation..,

RE: Math plugin thingy. - tempo - 2018-12-30 back!!!!

i also need a math - equation it possible?

RE: Math plugin thingy. - Omar G. - 2018-12-30

There seem to be quite some plugins for Ckeditor.

But lease open a new thread next time.