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User ID... - mithokey - 2010-09-27

OK, I download a chatbox and it works (called Chatroll the problem is guests can login to it. in order to change this, it says i need a user id, user name, user link, and user picture. Where can I get all of this?

(I emailed the help person from Chatroll and he said to talk to people from mybb to get user ID...)

Thanks! Smile

RE: User ID... - Dylan M. - 2010-09-27

Three things:

1) Please encapsulate your urls inside of the [ url ] MyCode tags if you place extra characters (in your case a right paren) after them without spaces. People do this with periods all the time making it a non-working link if you click it.

2) Chatroll doesn't have a MyBB integration according to their site. I also don't see how what they're saying makes sense. Why would you need all of that to prevent a guest from logging into it? There should simply be an option somewhere to disallow guests logging in.

3) I would help further with this, but Chatroll wont let me create an account. Thus I cannot download their software to see how it works.

I guess my conclusion here is to find a chat script that already provides for MyBB integration since Chatroll does not.

RE: User ID... - mithokey - 2010-09-27

There is an option on Chatroll so you can't let guests chat... however... its needs my user ID and stuff so it will allow people who are registered to my site log in. The chat works great! Thats why i dont want to get rid of it. Here is the script (i think thats what it's called):

// Chatroll Single Sign-On (SSO) Parameters
$uid = 1; // Current user id
$uname = 'Mithokey'; // Current user name
$ulink = ''; // Current user profile URL (leave blank for none)
$upic = ''; // Current user profile picture URL (leave blank for none)
$ismod = 1; // Is current user a moderator?
$sig = md5($uid . $uname . $ismod . '5v8gt1ccjeu870bk');
$ssoParams = '&uid=' . $uid . "&uname=" . urlencode($uname) . "&ulink=" . urlencode($ulink) . "&upic=" . urlencode($upic) . "&ismod=" . $ismod . "&sig=" . $sig;
<iframe width='450' height='350' src='<?= $ssoParams ?>&w=$0' frameborder='0' scrolling='no' marginheight='0' marginwidth='0' allowtransparency='true'></iframe>
<div style='font-size:0.9em;text-align:center;'><a href="">PHP Live Chat Software</a></div>
You can find the chatroll at the bottom of my website:

RE: User ID... - pavemen - 2010-09-28

Your best bet to wrap that Chatroll code in a custom MyBB page (via Page Manager plugin) and let MyBB handle permissions to the page and thus guests cannot even see the chatroom, just a no permissions error.

RE: User ID... - mithokey - 2010-09-28

thanks, would i have to add something to the script to make it not accessible to guests?