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[PAID] Custom theme needed - VAPOR - 2010-10-01

This theme will be for one of my projects:
Our system is going to be the most advanced portal/cms that mybb has ever seen! So when designing...please keep that in mind.

1. Link to portfolio
2. Ability to work off a psd file
3. Font for logo must be "never say die" which is included with this post
4. Time to complete (2-4weeks)

$30.00 or best offer (for the sake of friendly competition)

Misc. Info:
I will be designing a "rough draft" via photoshop on how I want it to look. But you are free to add goodies to it (dropdowns etc...)

If you have any questions, please post here.
No pm's please


RE: [PAID] Custom theme needed - Lo. - 2010-10-01

Damion might be interested in this, shoot him a PM Toungue

RE: [PAID] Custom theme needed - Xiraa - 2010-10-01

I would refer Sukanjan.K, you can PM him.

RE: [PAID] Custom theme needed - VAPOR - 2010-10-01

Messages sent. Thanks mark and anurag!

RE: [PAID] Custom theme needed - VAPOR - 2010-10-03

Designer found, mods can close this request.