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"under Moderation" color - Wise penguin - 2010-10-09


I noticed that all of my under moderation posts have a red background.
what css attribute do I need to add/change to do make moderated threads/post green?

The reason behind this is because my soft deleted posts are red, and so are the "under moderation posts".
It gets confusing for my moderators.

RE: "under Moderation" color - blake - 2010-10-09


RE: "under Moderation" color - Scoutie44 - 2010-10-10

.trow_shaded perhaps?

RE: "under Moderation" color - Wise penguin - 2010-10-10

I tried...It didn't work.

It stayed red

RE: "under Moderation" color - - G33K - - 2010-10-10

It is .trow_shaded in global.css

Are you sure you're editing it right?