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Show Username? - dev2k10 - 2010-10-16

Hi i have created a new box in my index.php, I want to write "Hello (username) welcome to the forum!" then some other text, What is the code to show their username?

RE: Show Username? - Ashley S - 2010-10-16

There's a simple plugin for this, To welcome members when they register.

RE: Show Username? - dev2k10 - 2010-10-16

yeah i dont want just the welcome message, i want to add loads of other content like latest news etc. :|

RE: Show Username? - Matt - 2010-10-16

You'll need a plugin if you want to add lots of stuff, but the code to show a username is {$mybb->user['username']}

RE: Show Username? - Akshay.S - 2010-10-17

Please go to and download the Header News plugin.