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Setting up domain - Lunty - 2010-10-29

Hi, been along time since I've used any forums or a domain was hoping someone could have a look and see if my hosting is linked to my domain correctly, In Cpanel it shows my domain name but it's been 24hrs now but my web page is showing the default domain page.

I'd be willing to exchange for 10 quality posts on you're forum. Will PM the detail's over to whoever wants to take a look.

RE: Setting up domain - weBex - 2010-10-29

Don't need the posts, but if you want me to take a look you can PM it to me.

RE: Setting up domain - Lo. - 2010-10-29

Ditto, i can do it for free.

RE: Setting up domain - weBex - 2010-10-29

Lunty is all good to go Smile

RE: Setting up domain - Lunty - 2010-10-30

Thanks WeBex, much appreciated Big Grin