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Cash Mod cracked - xiao - 2006-04-09

One of my members with 4 posts has 95,000 credits.
While I, with 2500 posts have 57,000 credits.
I asked him how, but I'm not expecting a real answer...

RE: Cash Mod cracked - Massacre - 2006-04-09

look at the post he/she made and see how much money was given

RE: Cash Mod cracked - Ryan Gordon - 2006-04-09

those must some long posts...... LOL

RE: Cash Mod cracked - Dale Hay - 2006-04-09

Do your "credits" get deducted when a post has been deleted, as I believe this person may have posted a massive lot of text (eg; Copy and Pasted from WikiPedia) then deleted the post straight after.

RE: Cash Mod cracked - xiao - 2006-04-09

Well, I posted a book (yea, a whole book) and it gave me 2900 credits...
He must have posted google?

Anyways, I'll try to recount cash. normaly the credits should b back to normal?

Edit: I recounted and I lost 50,000 credits myself?
I have 2000 posts and 4,700 credits now...

RE: Cash Mod cracked - decswxaqz - 2006-04-11

If you look at the posts table, it will tell you how much money each post it worth.
Cash is supposed to be removed on deletion, but because there are many ways to remove posts, I might not have got them all.... if your user is a normal user then it should have deleted the cash properly.
Same with editing posts. The difference between post amounts is calculated and subtracted/added to the user. They edit an existing post and remove characters, it should be deducted from their cash.

If you can get your user to tell you how they did it I will try to fix it (obviously Smile)

RE: Cash Mod cracked - xiao - 2006-04-11

Yea, but he doesn't seem to want to tell it.. I'll give him some more time before I IP-ban him

I checked all (4) his posts and they all give normal amounts of credits.
My guess is that he used a POST or GET function with the url from a reply or the donate system. My biggest guess is that he managed to be donated by NULL or something... Any way I can check that?
His username also starts with a dot (.), don't think that will do anything, but u never know.

Edit: I changed his password and checked his PMs. In his trash can he got a message that another member donated 90.000 credits to him. That person got the credits from a member that is banned now.

Ohyea, and the sort by cash thing in the member list doesn't work, it automaticly switches to registration date