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RE: [Plugin] Facebook Connect for MyBB - Glas - 2012-03-01

i got it too sigh

RE: [Plugin] Facebook Connect for MyBB - Amplifier - 2012-03-26

not working for me.
it gives me error internal server error.
Guys I finally managed to make that Nayar Plugin worked for me I found that all the fb connect files got 777 permission due to which the problem was occuring I changed the permission to idle and it worked.

RE: [Plugin] Facebook Connect for MyBB - selvin007 - 2012-05-01

for tutorial on fbconnect for mybb and stable plugin visit
tested and working on

RE: [Plugin] Facebook Connect for MyBB - kjaonline - 2012-07-03

Hi guys, I seem to have a problem with this one.

I ran it pops up into Facebook but it won't let users past the username selection. I tried disabling but the connect features still won't work

Please check out

RE: [Plugin] Facebook Connect for MyBB - Vital - 2012-07-04

Hi there!
I have successfully setup the plugin, also the Facebook Applications.

There is a small problem that confuses me.

In detail I'll write it in order what I did.

1. Using Firefox, I logged on to a dummy account, visited the Forum, I saw the "connect with Facebook" button next to Register link.
2. I clicked that, and it successfully connects, assigned a user "TestUser123".

3. Now, i decided to open iExplore, and logged to Facebook with another dummy account.
4. Visited the Forum again.
5. And to my Surprise, the plugin redirects me back to the "Assign a Username" page and it loops after clicking Register Button.
Figure A:
[Image: 0blZb.png]

6. Then I logged off the FireFox account, then I logged off my iExplore account.
7. I then used the iExplore Account to logged in to FireFox.

I still gets the Loop error, shown in Figure A.

However, when I logged the Original FireFox Account, no problems at all.

This confuses me. Why can't my other dummy account logged it successfully?


Upon reading the configuration in the admin panel for FBConnect, I have read this particular option:
Automatically link user fb account if email found
setting 5 must be active for this to take effect

So, my FireFox Account has a Registered Username I already whilst the iExplore Account is Fresh (not registered on Forum).

RE: [Plugin] Facebook Connect for MyBB - kjaonline - 2012-07-05

I gave up on this. I am using facebook connect instead.

RE: [Plugin] Facebook Connect for MyBB - balu311917 - 2012-07-20

how to fix this error:-

API Error Code: 191
API Error Description: The specified URL is not owned by the application
Error Message: Invalid redirect_uri: Given URL is not allowed by the Application configuration.

reply needed ASAP...

plz try to fix this..

for test here is the forum link:-

RE: [Plugin] Facebook Connect for MyBB - Yaldaram - 2012-07-20

Looks like the application has not been built properly or entered incorrect API or secret code in the settings.

RE: [Plugin] Facebook Connect for MyBB - balu311917 - 2012-07-20

secret code and app id is crrect..
can u help me out?

RE: [Plugin] Facebook Connect for MyBB - Yaldaram - 2012-07-20

Actually the error I received is;

"An error occurred with FreeKaaMaal. Please try again later."

I guess its missing either API or secret key or both. Can you please print the screenshots of the plugin's settings page and the facebook application page ?