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[Dutch] Ultimate GFX Forum - ThunderStorm - 2006-04-21

I have a Dutch Forum called Ultimate GFX.
The main subject is Adobe Photoshop.

You can find my forum Here.

But the whole forum is Dutch.


Ik heb een Nederlands forum genaamd: Ultimate GFX.
Het hoofd onderwerp is Adobe PhotoShop.
Je kan mijn forum Hier vinden.

RE: [Dutch] Ultimate GFX Forum - zaher1988 - 2006-04-21

u need to update your link, as you have moved your forums Smile
i'd recommend having the logo 100% of the screen's width
the forum bit images along to the images are not working due to the wrong path for the images directory.


RE: [Dutch] Ultimate GFX Forum - Masahiro - 2006-04-21

RE: [Dutch] Ultimate GFX Forum - webaph - 2006-04-21

Invision Power Board? This is MYBULLETINBOARD not IPB.

Can someone remove the link?

RE: [Dutch] Ultimate GFX Forum - Cloud Strife - 2006-04-21

it used to be MyBB, i dont know why did he change it