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Theme got messed up - MoDz - 2011-01-03

here is what it looked like
[Image: Screenshot2011-01-02at90849PM.png]

and now i messed something up and it looks like this Sad
[Image: Screenshot2011-01-02at90755PM.png]
as you can see the white part on the top is not htere
what part of the global.css is that Sad it is not the header. it is one above it. please help!

RE: Theme got messed up - GuNeRkId - 2011-01-03

did you change the class in your header template? check that out just to make sure...

or you messed up your panel background. go to your panel stylesheet and make sure that the background field has the right image set

RE: Theme got messed up - Yaldaram - 2011-01-03

You've edited your header template either manually or with a plugin. Try the following;

Go to: ACP > Templates > Header Templates > header > and remove all the code from there.

Now open .xml file of that theme and find the code between the header <template> </template> , copy that code and paste into the header template. Save template.