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i screwed up 1.6 --> 1.6.1 - jayhawk - 2011-01-10

i accidentally copied the inc folder over the changed_files_1601 and i've deleted my config.php file. i replaced all of the other missing files by downloading the full 1.6.1 install and just copying all missing inc files over, but i don't have the config.php file. how do i recreate this?

i tried running /install/upgrade.php and get the following errors:
Warning: require_once(myinstalllocation/inc/config.php) [function.require-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in myinstalllocation/mybb/install/upgrade.php on line 41

Fatal error: require_once() [function.require]: Failed opening required 'myinstalllocation/inc/config.php' (include_path='.:/usr/lib64/php:/usr/lib/php') in myinstalllocation/install/upgrade.php on line 41


RE: i screwed up 1.6 --> 1.6.1 - Matt - 2011-01-10

config.php isn't even in the changed files package or the full package, so I don't know how you've managed this, but you can rebuild it with this: [wiki]Inc/config.php[/wiki]

RE: i screwed up 1.6 --> 1.6.1 - jayhawk - 2011-01-10

i downloaded the changed files package and assumed that the folders in that package were supposed to be copied over to the server. i didn't realize that each folder needed to be opened and then the enclosed files copied over. obviously, i deleted a lot of files by copying over jcscripts, install, and inc. i didn't copy over admin, fortunately as i just happened to open it when i was getting ready to copy it, too -- and i saw that it wasn't a full folder.

so i downloaded the the full install and copied over the files that i had accidentally deleted. i assume they'll be the same as what i already had in 1.6 since they were unchanged for 1.6.1 . . . but that's how i lost config.php.

thanks for the directions to rebuild.

RE: i screwed up 1.6 --> 1.6.1 - Matt - 2011-01-10

So you're saying because the folders in the changed files package only had what was changed and not all the files, when you uploaded it to your server, only those files were there, and all the ones that weren't changed were missing?? If your FTP client does that, it's misconfigured, you shouldn't need to go into each folder and just copy the files across. You should just be able to upload the changed files package to the root folder, and everything that is in the package will just go to where it needs to go, overwriting the old files, but anything that hasn't been changed will stay as it is, it'll just update what's new.

RE: i screwed up 1.6 --> 1.6.1 - jayhawk - 2011-01-10

yeah, you've described what happened exactly. i need to change my FTP client settings for the future. thanks for the help.
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thanks again.