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Forum ready. Now What? - gorch - 2006-05-01

I just put up my forum for a Summer Camp (spanish):

I want to work more on the theme later, but I think I need to take care of more important things first:

- What are the next steps to be successful with my forum?
- How do I bring people to sign up as users?
- I guess content is a big thing. How do I start. Do I just start posting myself? Should I ask some people I know to answer what I post?

I need to bring traffic to my forum! Any Advice?


RE: Forum ready. Now What? - zaher1988 - 2006-05-02

Well nothing comes easly and fast, it needs time. However try to follow somethings from here


RE: Forum ready. Now What? - Jed K - 2006-05-02

That bright green hurts my eyes.

As for getting members... yeah, check that thread.
Also, word-of-mouth will be your biggest traffic draw; therefore, if you offer something worthwhile that people can't get everywhere else they go, your traffic will benefit from it.

RE: Forum ready. Now What? - FeeferGross - 2006-05-02

Go to the camp that you made the forum about and ask them to tell people about it for you. I find that when you have a connection like that, it helps to grow because people want to talk about their camp experiences and the like. You have a really nice logo, and you could do a theme to go along with it well. If you would like any help, please contact me!