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My changes on MyBB - x-f - 2011-01-16


i did some changes on our installation. Maybe someone is interested.

Quote:Remove <!-- The following piece of code allows MyBB to run scheduled tasks. DO NOT REMOVE --><img...><!-- End task image code --> and replace it with a cronjob with wget (urlcron).
-> Because every load of the page i have another request, more load for the server and browser
Quote:Load CSS in front of JS. CSS build the page, in mean time JS can load.
Quote:Combined prototype.js general.js popup-menu.js (i my case thx.js and shoutbox.js). One compressed file is less traffic and requests and more speed.
Quote:Remove ?ver=1600 because some older browser not able to cache files with ?….. If a update happen -> Change the Name of the File
Quote:Compress CSS (MyBB has a great tool for editing css) -> less traffic more speed.
Quote:Active theards -> Add full a-tag title to links for mouseover
I think i forget some changes, if i remember i will add it.

Problems left:
-> & in Posts not &amp; Edit 2
-> Maybe use CSS sprites and not 20 files ,)
-> Search for a username with autcomplete -> if i have to user abcd and abckj and i want abckj -> if i write abcd will be selected and i have abcdkj
-> Active threads dont use mod rewirte html urls -> 2 urls 1 site.
-> if i use html url make 301 redirect if it not a html url
-> Combine js automatically
-> Post Icon with withe background -> Postbar for title by default is blue, looks bad Edit 1
-> Switch from table to container
->Dropdown in breadcrumb menu has page as GET param, in normal forum list it is in html url


PS: In FF is your RSS broken

-> Change withe background from Icons.

UPDATE `mybb_icons` SET `path` = 'images/icons/my.png' WHERE `mybb_icons`.`iid` = 1;
UPDATE `mybb_icons` SET `path` = 'images/icons/exclamation.png' WHERE `mybb_icons`.`iid` = 2;
UPDATE `mybb_icons` SET `path` = 'images/icons/question.png' WHERE `mybb_icons`.`iid` = 3;
UPDATE `mybb_icons` SET `path` = 'images/icons/smile.png' WHERE `mybb_icons`.`iid` = 4;
UPDATE `mybb_icons` SET `path` = 'images/icons/sad.png' WHERE `mybb_icons`.`iid` = 5;
UPDATE `mybb_icons` SET `path` = 'images/icons/wink.png' WHERE `mybb_icons`.`iid` = 6;
UPDATE `mybb_icons` SET `path` = 'images/icons/cool.png' WHERE `mybb_icons`.`iid` = 7;
UPDATE `mybb_icons` SET `path` = 'images/icons/biggrin.png' WHERE `mybb_icons`.`iid` = 8;
UPDATE `mybb_icons` SET `path` = 'images/icons/tongue.png' WHERE `mybb_icons`.`iid` = 9;
UPDATE `mybb_icons` SET `path` = 'images/icons/rolleyes.png' WHERE `mybb_icons`.`iid` = 10;
UPDATE `mybb_icons` SET `path` = 'images/icons/shy.png' WHERE `mybb_icons`.`iid` = 11;
UPDATE `mybb_icons` SET `path` = 'images/icons/at.png' WHERE `mybb_icons`.`iid` = 16;

.gz   icons.tar.gz (Size: 9.27 KB / Downloads: 137)
Don`t forget to update in cache-manager

Problem in some Posts with & no replace to &amp;
class.phraser.php Line 206
+ $message = str_replace("&","&amp;",str_replace("&amp;","&",$message));

RE: My changes on MyBB - TheGodFather - 2011-01-17

thanks for the suggestions.

RE: My changes on MyBB - Yaldaram - 2011-01-17

Thanks for posting Wink