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Forum Depth - watchesforum - 2011-01-18

Hi, I have an issue with forum depth, which I know gives repeat content issues,

When you visit my watch forum you can see the layout.

I have only got 2 forums on the homepage, Watches and Watches Marketplace, both are displayed on the page, but when you click the Word "watches" or "watches marketplace" then it just goes to the same forum, which is a bit daft I think, although I can see why someone with lots of sub forums needs it, but I want to stop this happening

ideally I want to stop those 2 links going to a separate page for those forums as that content is already all on the front page, but still want the words to show ? Does that make sense ?

If anyone knows how to do this please help


RE: Forum Depth - Yaldaram - 2011-01-18

The links you are clicking on are "Categories". Inside it all of the forums / subforums which are shown when those links of "Categories" are clicked.

RE: Forum Depth - watchesforum - 2011-01-18

yes, categories, but the way the homepage is set out I want to keep, but just don't want those words linking to a separate page for that category, as all the info is on the homepage,

RE: Forum Depth - Alan S. - 2011-01-18

In forumbit_depth1_cat, find:
<a href="{$forum_url}">{$forum['name']}</a>

Replace with:

RE: Forum Depth - watchesforum - 2011-01-18

BRILLIANT it worked thanks a LOT, tonnes of respect !!!!!!!!!!!