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Nova theme and IE - Jack707 - 2011-01-26

Hi guys
I want to use this theme - for my forums but i have a problem...
This is how the theme looks when I use Firefox,Chrome to load the page...
[Image: firefoxl.png]
however when I use IE...i got this problem...
[Image: 48665307.png]

any suggestions?

You can lock this topic.I've got my answer.
IE dosen't support CSS3 Big Grin

RE: Nova theme and IE - Jason L. - 2011-01-30

Why are you blocking the url?

RE: Nova theme and IE - John J. - 2011-02-01

That's what I'm saying too dK JaSon

RE: Nova theme and IE - envira - 2011-02-24

i too faced the problem,but i got fixed,by 2 steps.

one is PNGfix,
and another is

the code is not closed in the theme,,,,
i think you search keenly,the </div> tag is not closed