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Strict Username - User 12076 - 2011-02-09

This plugin allows admin to specify legal / illegal characters in the username during the registration.
Plugin works with normal registration form request and with fast-validate by AJAX.

Admin can add own settings and configures allowed / not allowed chars groups:
  • uppercase
  • lowercase
  • numbers
  • punctuation
  • special chars
  • spaces

Download from plugins database:

Issues / proposals on GitHub:

RE: Strict Username - SeNCeR - 2011-02-15

Profile options allows recording error.

Warning [2] strstr() [function.strstr]: Empty delimiter - Line: 345 - File: C:\wamp\www\mybb161\inc\plugins\strictusername.php PHP 5.3.5 (WINNT)

RE: Strict Username - katib - 2011-02-16

Very interesting!!
I was looking for a such Plugin to disallow all latin charaters [a-z A-Z] so only arabic characters are allowed: أ ب ت ث ح ج ...

RE: Strict Username - Steven - 2011-02-16

Nice, this could be handy in some situations.

RE: Strict Username - User 12076 - 2011-02-16

(2011-02-15, 09:32 PM)SeNCeR Wrote: Profile options allows recording error.

Thanks for info.
I fixed it, and submited new version to plugins database.
You can download new version (1.1) from first post Smile

RE: Strict Username - SeNCeR - 2011-02-16

The new version, the error disappeared, thanks @lukasamd

RE: Strict Username - Serkan - 2011-07-02

Ajax check, doesnt work in IE 8.

RE: Strict Username - User 12076 - 2011-07-08

Thanks for info, I fixed it.
New version in attachment (and wait for validate in mods db).

RE: Strict Username - koz - 2011-07-08

This is a very good plugin, I'm impressed. I was looking for something like this.

RE: Strict Username - airborne - 2011-07-10

A must have for me Smile
i think this should be default feature as it really small and pretty useful, i just don't like my board looks like a drawing canvas Toungue
Thank you for this plugin lukasamd