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Style Usernames - User 12076 - 2011-02-09

This plugin colorize usernames according to the groups settings.
It can add groups styles to:
  • forum index
  • forum moderators list
  • forums view
  • search results
  • announcements
Plugin is also compatible with guest group style.
It's blazing fast, because replace usernames in output code, cache all usernames and data.

INFO: This plugin add link to author website (only for web spiders).
If you do not want this, do not use plugin, or make donate and contact author.

Download from plugins database:

Issues / proposals on GitHub:

RE: Style Usernames - Emillo - 2011-03-05

Dzięki, właśnie tego było mi trzeba Smile Wszystko śmiga jak należy.

RE: Style Usernames - kadhafi - 2011-03-05

Screenshots would be great..

RE: Style Usernames - thnok - 2011-03-05

I dont understand whats the difference between the ability to change the style by default and using this plugin?

RE: Style Usernames - Crackz0r - 2011-03-05

Well with this Plugin, u can see the Style of each group, in almost the whole Forum. In the default way, u cant see i.e. In Profile, in Thread List, on Index Pages, in member list.


RE: Style Usernames - Jessica. - 2011-03-07

I have this on Full Cache and it doesn't really work. I have my name as moderator of all the forums I have on my board, and they are not the style of the group I am that what's this plugin is supposed to do? :/

RE: Style Usernames - Crackz0r - 2011-03-07

Its working on my Site and everything is right.

Hum, i have Full Caching Off, maybe u should try like this.


RE: Style Usernames - the-stanger - 2011-03-08

may you put a screenshot please

RE: Style Usernames - Crackz0r - 2011-03-09

Hello, Maybe someone knows how to set the Style usernames in Moderated By: Since i can see Stylized Usernames in my Whole forum, but not there. What i mean is:

On Forum Index:

[Image: 50444897467326356464.jpg]

On Forum List:
As u can note, i can see the style in

Moderado por: TestUser, XSkinner
Usuario(s) navegando este foro: TestUser

But just below, the styles are not applied

[Image: 26236532099081433020.jpg]

RE: Style Usernames - kadhafi - 2011-03-10

i cant see the to make it work?