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When setting up tables - Noreturn - 2011-02-28

Connection to the database server and table you specified was successful.

Database Engine: MySQL 5.0.91

The MyBB database tables will now be created.
Creating table mybb_adminlog...done
Creating table mybb_adminoptions...done
Creating table mybb_adminsessions...done
Creating table mybb_adminviews...done
Creating table mybb_announcements...done
Creating table mybb_attachments...done
Creating table mybb_attachtypes...done
Creating table mybb_awaitingactivation...done
Creating table mybb_badwords...done
Creating table mybb_banfilters...done
Creating table mybb_banned...done
Creating table mybb_calendars...done
Creating table mybb_calendarpermissions...done
Creating table mybb_captcha...done
Creating table mybb_datacache...done
Creating table mybb_delayedmoderation...done
Creating table mybb_events...done
Creating table mybb_forumpermissions...done
Creating table mybb_forums...done
Creating table mybb_forumsread...done
Creating table mybb_forumsubscriptions...done
Creating table mybb_groupleaders...done
Creating table mybb_helpdocs...done
Creating table mybb_helpsections...done
Creating table mybb_icons...done
Creating table mybb_joinrequests...done

MyBB SQL Error

MyBB has experienced an internal SQL error and cannot continue.
SQL Error: 1317 - Query execution was interrupted Query: DROP TABLE IF EXISTS mybb_massemails
Please contact the MyBB Group for support.

Any help is appreciated.

Ok I figured that out but look at what happened:

RE: When setting up tables - - G33K - - 2011-02-28

I see the forum is now installed. Do you still need help with this?

RE: When setting up tables - Joshua Mayer - 2011-02-28

I get a "Website Under Review" page...

RE: When setting up tables - - G33K - - 2011-02-28

LOL. It changed between the time I visited and you visited. When I visited it had a forum up and running.