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REQ: custom simple theme. 1.6 - Strife - 2011-03-10

    Hello everyone! I'm starting up a new website and I'm excited to use Mybb.

I would like someone to kindly make me a simple theme. no custom icons or anything like that. (if you feel the need to make'em though, feel free)

My forum has a military theme and thats what I need. I've uploaded a screenshot of a website you can use to help you design my theme.

In the screen shot you will notice I've made some markings in RED. the red indicates what I want to see in the theme. I really like the color scheme of the screen shot. I want to use that color scheme on my forum.

Main colors: Tan/Black/White/Grey
Width: Fixed
LOGO: Full width logo (random logo plugin useage)
Other Details forum index: Black background, white center.

Throw in some tan color links on some black or something along those lines.

Simply, please try to use the color scheme as the screen shot I provide for my requested theme.

If you have a paypal account MAYBE I will pay for the help. no promises though. Blush small budget....srry.

Thanks alot in advance.

-Brad Strife

RE: REQ: custom simple theme. 1.6 - envira - 2011-03-16

use these themes....

you can have a big header......for realize and ndesign,if you want back ground color change just edit global.css
any doubts pm me