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Smilie Problem - BlueBear - 2011-04-18

So I want to edit my smiley set.

It all goes fine

This is the original:


This is what I want to change too

It works in the Admin CP - But then when I actually go to post form on the forum it's a rectangle box with a little red 'X' in it.

RE: Smilie Problem - grave - 2011-04-18

This is some error on smilie system, if your forum is in root folder and not in some folder like than smilie will not update, I too dont understand why, but if it is in than if you update your smilie, than your all smilie will be updated.

RE: Smilie Problem - Alan S. - 2011-04-18

URL of somewhere you're getting this error?

RE: Smilie Problem - grave - 2011-04-18

Hi Ajs this is not error, this doesnt show images of smilie if forum is in folder.


http://localhost/forum -> smilie images will not show there, but if forum is in
http://localhost -> than smilie gets updated...

I too dont no why? I have seen this issue way 5-6 months back

RE: Smilie Problem - Alan S. - 2011-04-18

RE: Smilie Problem - grave - 2011-04-19

(2011-04-18, 11:21 PM)AJS Wrote:

Never mind..there may be something wrong in localhost, continue with the help of OP, and unfortunately, i read email of all the replies here.


RE: Smilie Problem - Matt - 2011-04-19

Make sure the image directory you're setting is images/smilies