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Refresh Makes Theme Vanish - Galen - 2006-05-28

This is an interesting problem that seems to be related to my custom theme. If I refresh the main index, all theme formatting disappears! If I click a link for the index, all is well, but refresh again and it breaks. This happens after clearing my browser cache too. It only happens with IE (not Firefox), however it happens for the default theme as well. That leead me to think that this was a browser issue, but it doesn't happen here on this board and it doesn't happen at another board I run that uses an older version of my custom theme.

I'm just wondering if anyone has ever encountered this problem and, if so, what causes it and how did you fix it?

RE: Refresh Makes Theme Vanish - zaher1988 - 2006-05-29

could you please give more details about the problem, if you can also show us a screenshot. And if possible provide me with a link for here.

RE: Refresh Makes Theme Vanish - squall_leonhart69r - 2006-05-29