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MyTwitterWall - Paul H. - 2011-04-22

Plugin Name: MyTwitterWall
Plugin Version: 1.0
MyBB Version: 1.6.X
Author: PJGIH
Support: Please post all issues regarding this plugin in this thread or at Wb-Dev here

Description: Add your Twitter feed to your forum.

Redistributing and/or sharing this plugin is not allowed.

The ZIP file contain:


By downloading this plugin you agree to:
*You cannot redistribute the plugin!

RE: MyTwitterWall - xpserkan - 2011-04-27

Thank you, nice work.

RE: MyTwitterWall - Paul H. - 2011-04-27

Thank you!

RE: MyTwitterWall - alv4 - 2011-04-28

Very interesting Smile

RE: MyTwitterWall - soyusae - 2011-08-18

Where does this plug in place the twitter feed?

RE: MyTwitterWall - ranjani - 2011-08-18

Quote:404 Not Found - The server can not find the requested page: (port 80)

RE: MyTwitterWall - mrfield16 - 2011-09-16

Where does this show on the forum? (Anyone have a screenshot?)
I installed this...and see settings, and it is activated....but I see nothing (note, I do not have side boxes)

RE: MyTwitterWall - Johnny S - 2011-09-16

Try with this link

RE: MyTwitterWall - mrfield16 - 2011-09-17

THANKS! Was hoping for a realtime feed in a window within the site..but this'll do!

RE: MyTwitterWall - Paul H. - 2011-09-19

I'm working on an update that will have realtime updates.