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Editing Style with a custom editor - rezapartovi - 2011-05-18


I am using phpBB for several years, and also have a brief introduction with myBB ...

Today I've downloaded the latest version of myBB and the very professional and beautiful Apart Flame Style ...

Now the question come to me is that :

Is it possible to edit and modify the Style's files in a custom external editor like Adobe Dreamweaver ?!!

I can not find the Style's file after Installing it .

I know I can edit those in The Admin Control Panel but I want edit and modify them in my own editor, as I said ...



RE: Editing Style with a custom editor - XxSky DreamerxX - 2011-05-20

Yes it is possible. When you download the theme, it comes with a file that ends with ".xml". Open that file through dreamviewer & there are all the css files that you can edit. Oce you have done editing, save them & upload the ".xml" file to your forums.