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Thread Rating and Postbit - Legendary - 2011-05-24

My bad lime english Angel (sorry)

[Image: firefoxhn.jpg]

So, i have a forum, and i got a little, bug/mistake, and i can't find the problem in templates, if someone can help me, i will explain, my forum works fine in firefox, not the thread rating;

[Image: internetexplorer.jpg]

In internet explorer, i can't view threads because the size of the windowe, and i can't view the thread rating too.
If someone can help me Confused

RE: Thread Rating and Postbit - Legendary - 2011-05-27

Need help.

RE: Thread Rating and Postbit - faviouz - 2011-05-27

Validate your website's markup and make sure your CSS is valid as well. Fixing these errors usually help in cross-browser compatibility.