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Designing Communities - Dialatic - 2011-06-07

Need a professional theme for your forum/website/blog? You're at the right place!

I'm Mike, a web designer and programmer who started designing back in 2007, and have come quite a long way since then I do believe.

Long story short, I need to make some money in real life. Depending on how well this thread turns out, I will buy hosting and a domain again and design as a part-time job. I will also code the designs for additional payment.

If you need a design, and would like to give me a shot, please let me know. Tell me what you need, and your budget. I can guarantee that I will be a lot cheaper than many other professional companies.

Past works:
I am also willing to sell and/or code any past designs listed above for the right price. The ones listed as works on progress are still being developed.

Quick Note: All payments must be made via Western Union. I will take half before I begin, and half after, or all of it before, it's your choice (just note that WU has like a $12 fee for each transfer). If you don't know how it works, I'll explain it to you. If you don't trust me, I'll try to make it easier for you to trust me by showing you my trusted accounts on several other large forums.

Edit: I will accept Paypal too now. Must pay in advance.

RE: Designing Communities - Aries-Belgium - 2011-06-07

I would really recommend not posting names of future projects on a public forum when you haven't registered the domain name yet (and it seems to be available for most TLDs) . It would be a pity if you had to change your project name because a domain troll hijacked your preferred domain name.

RE: Designing Communities - Dialatic - 2011-06-07

These designs all have past website names that I have owned. I don't mind if people take them, I don't want them anymore and let them expire. Thank you for the advice though.

RE: Designing Communities - Aries-Belgium - 2011-06-07

Oh, okay. I though maybe that last one was for your new project (

RE: Designing Communities - Dialatic - 2011-06-07

(2011-06-07, 11:28 PM)Aries-Belgium Wrote: Oh, okay. I though maybe that last one was for your new project (

It was going to be, but I'm not sure if I'll be going through with that. If anyone is really desperate enough to take the domain name, then they can have it. I can easily think of another one. I'm still thinking about if I'm going to do that project or not.

Anyways, if anyone wants a custom theme, please post here.

RE: Designing Communities - cohen - 2011-06-08

You won't get many jobs if you use the 'Western Union' - You need to have a PayPal to do any amount of jobs. Without PayPal, you won't gt many jobs. I am just sayin'

RE: Designing Communities - manig - 2011-06-08

I too will prefer paypal. Hesitant to use WU

RE: Designing Communities - Dialatic - 2011-06-08

Why so hesitant? It's so easy to charge back using Paypal, I don't trust it too much.

RE: Designing Communities - pyridine - 2011-06-08

Personally, if I needed a theme designed I would go with someone else just due to the fact you only accept WU.

RE: Designing Communities - ByteHunter - 2011-06-08

I may have a quick job for you but I can pay via PayPal only. I can pay 100% upfront and send it as gift (there is no chargeback for that) if you want, I have good iTrader rating on DigitalPoint forums, I can send you a link if you want (100% positive 22+). I just need a quick job to be completed and wouldn't bother my designer with that because he is working on something else.

Drop me a PM if you're interested.

P.S.: I can pay your domain + hosting invoice using PayPal if you agree on that.