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new thread - suresh - 2006-06-13

i am unable to start a new thread i dont know what had happened with me
please tell me what to do
it gives error 404 or 406 in mozilla firefox

RE: new thread - devnet - 2006-06-13


Did you just install a plugin? If so, did it require you to change the permissions on newreply.php?

Check the permission of newreply.php in your root mybb directory and make sure that it is set to 0644

RE: new thread - suresh - 2006-06-13

i am not understanding what was the problem now it works
i will update if naything goes wrong

RE: new thread - Martin M. - 2006-06-13

I got it fine here, although I can't get the page where you add an new thread though since I'm not registered.
But I didn't get an 404 error.

RE: new thread - DrPoodle - 2006-06-13

It loaded fine for me too!

RE: new thread - suresh - 2006-06-13

so whats the problem it didnt loaded a while but now it loads and i posted a thread too

RE: new thread - devnet - 2006-06-13

Odd....I just know I had the exact problem when I changed the permission on the file.