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reset admin user password - CyberTaz - 2006-06-15

I used the forgot login form to reset the password of an admin user (only admin user) and now I can't get into the admin site anymore ... all I get is the login screen inside multiple frames (see screenshot) ... But I can log into the Frontend with no problem ... I can checkout my profile and it sais I'm an administrator

Anyway ... I setup sum forums and I wouldn't want to loose this info (if I install it again)

Please advise on how I can fix this ... I'm a programmer but I don't have time to poke around to try to fix it ...

Thank you for your time ...

RE: reset admin user password - Martin M. - 2006-06-15

Try clearing your cache, there is a lot of other posts about this problem, clearing your cache should work.
In Firefox. Tools -> Options -> Privacy -> Cache -> Clear cache now.
In Internet Explorer. Tools -> Internet Options -> General -> Temporary Internet Files -> Delete files.

RE: reset admin user password - CyberTaz - 2006-06-15

Thanks for the fast reply ... I'm using Firefox ... the cache didn't do it ... but clearing the quckies did fix the problem ...

Thank you ...

RE: reset admin user password - Martin M. - 2006-06-15

Oh. I meant cookies ofcourse o0

RE: reset admin user password - Ryan Gordon - 2006-06-15

That happens when there are two or more cookies that interfere with each other. There is more info on how to prevent this from happening again here: [Wiki: Cookie_Settings] (Broken link, head over to instead)