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[Image: logo.png]

Hello everyone, I decided to use MyBB for my hosting support forum. I lightly edited the default theme and wanted to know what you thought of it.

My goal was to make it match the home page.

Great forum software, as a gift I leave you all the coupon below for 35% off the first invoice. Smile

Promo code: MYBB
No feedback on the custom theme?

"Anyways guys use the coupon "FREEMONTH" right away! only the first three users get free hosting."

RE: - MyBB Forum - Kolton T. - 07-08-2011

I like the theme, but maybe you should make it more integrated with the website. Why not pay a designer to add what you missed?

Now, I have rarely ever had to say this, but imo you actually need more categories/forums. Not too many! But, sort it out a bit better. Have chatting/community stuff in one category, and support in another. Right now you've mushed it all together, not very appealing.

RE: - MyBB Forum - RegularThemes - 07-09-2011

Thanks for the feedback, what else should I add to the theme? You just said hire a designer. Sad
We are currently sponsoring Mybb forums, free hosting for a month! just send me a PM for the promo code! Smile

RE: - MyBB Forum - Kolton T. - 07-09-2011

Well it would be nice if your main website's design was on the forum, so it was integrated. Toungue So just pay somebody to do that?

RE: - MyBB Forum - RegularThemes - 07-09-2011

You think I can't do it? Big Grin

Anyways guys use the coupon "FREEMONTH" right away! only the first three users get free hosting.

RE: - MyBB Forum - RegularThemes - 07-13-2011

Keep up the feedback guys! I like to improve! Big Grin

RE: - MyBB Forum - y.pathan100 - 07-13-2011

i joined this forum