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Virtual Nation - Harest - 2011-07-08

Hi everybody!

The Request.
Although this is an english speaking community and most of you don't understand german, i would like to hear your opinion about my forumstyle.
Working for a long time on a project can make one loose perspective.
So please just judge the style not the content. There is not much yet anyway.

What is it about?
A virtual nation is like a rpg. You design a state/country and play all its facets on a forum, blog or even mailing lists.
The german community is quite big and has chosen forums for standard communication platform. Every state/country has it's own forum.
My virtual "Republic Gemedeth" is quite new an not yet introduced to the coummunity.

What is my intention?
My intention is to create a style that would give an oldish impression with a modern touch (a mix of the 1920ies to 1950ies + present).

Which plugins do i use?
At the moment i installed the following ones (some heavily modified to fit my needs)
- Awards
- Custom User Permissions
- Default Profile
- Show the users that has been online today
- Page Manager
- Profile Buddies
- Profile Comments
- Profile View Counter
- reCAPTCHA Plugin
- last 4 Posts in header
- XThreads
- Account Switcher

What else?
Not knowing prototype well, i use JQuery for hover and dropdown effets.

I'm also planning to write a group/teams/social plugin to allow users create own groups (eg for parties, guilds, companies).

Please do not hold back your criticism and give me feedback.
Link to forum:

RE: Virtual Nation - fizz - 2011-07-08

I really like the background and the top header thing, but I don't think the blue matches very well. I think you should change the blue to the reddish looking table background you have at the bottom of the forum. Also the little badge in the top left corner looks kinda low-quality, just a side thought.

Overall very cool, original theme though, well done!

RE: Virtual Nation - kavin - 2011-07-09

Really unique theme. Never seen something like this before on MyBB.
Good luck.

RE: Virtual Nation - Jitendra M - 2011-07-09

i really like the theme ...too bad the site isn't in English ...would have joined

RE: Virtual Nation - iDude - 2011-07-09

Finally someone actually done his/her homework. Loving the theme, very unique indeed. You definitely have all the 4 Ps done really well. Best of luck.

RE: Virtual Nation - Harest - 2011-07-09

Thanks for the positive feedback, but i would like to know which impresion you get when looking at it.
Is it OK for a simulation taking place in the 20ies to 40ies?

@fizz: I tried using red as color but it looked more aggresive and i didn't like it much. If you say that the blue does not match, maybe i could modify the background?

Do you mean this badge? [Image: logo.png]

Or the papersheet with "Rebpublik Gemedeth" written on it?

EDIT: @iDude: Thanks Smile but what du you mean by "all the 4 Ps"?

2nd EDIT: @Jitendra M: The number of members is not important. But if you are interested in the virtual nations thingy, there could be an english speaking community as well.

RE: Virtual Nation - iDude - 2011-07-09

@Harest, Product, Price, Promotion and Place elements of the marketing mix. It's A business marketing concept. Not that relevant but still you are offering a product so that's why I quoted it.

RE: Virtual Nation - Simon S. - 2011-07-09

The design isn't bad, but it needs still a fine-tuning IMO. You could add for example a black gradient to the background image, because it cuts off which doesn't look good. And I noticed the menu only after having a closer look to the site. You should make it more conspicuous, it isn't easy to find now.

Ich interessiere mich zwar nicht sehr für das Thema, aber deine Seite macht auf mich einen guten Eindruck. Viel Glück. Toungue

RE: Virtual Nation - fizz - 2011-07-10

(2011-07-09, 02:40 PM)Harest Wrote: @fizz: I tried using red as color but it looked more aggresive and i didn't like it much. If you say that the blue does not match, maybe i could modify the background?
Maybe, or you could make a lighter, calmer red?

(2011-07-09, 02:40 PM)Harest Wrote: Do you mean this badge? [Image: logo.png]
Yes, that logo.

RE: Virtual Nation - fea - 2011-07-10

A very unique site.

I love the inclined footer. hehe

the image below is from your forum.

[Image: 3B30d.png]

1. I think you should make the one on the box a clickable link, tendency is, people tend to go over the top of any site and click on it, in most cases.

2. the arrow in the image, I think it would be better if that logo is a little bit of dark on the left side going to a lighter texture like the one the arrow is pointing from.
or make it like the icons on the ride side, ( idk how to explain it further but, like an embossed stamp maybe? )

all in all, the site is great. reminds me of COD.

something like this or better. [Image: Q0qot.png]