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Rate custom theme - antman07 - 2011-07-15

Rate the custom theme please
Thank you!

RE: Rate custom theme - AwptimusPrime - 2011-07-15

I am not a fan of the gray background and pink text. Overall I don't think your color choices go with each other.

RE: Rate custom theme - antman07 - 2011-07-15

I did not make it someone else did and its not pink its red?

RE: Rate custom theme - AwptimusPrime - 2011-07-15

The forum titles are definately pink..

RE: Rate custom theme - rostaria - 2011-07-15

It looks red to me. It looks okay.... but, I wouldn't sign up.

RE: Rate custom theme - kavin - 2011-07-15

Few suggestions.
1) Make the text more dark. It looks like pink for me too.
2) The on, off, offlock icons are totally different from each other. Its not a good way to customize it.
3) The collapse_on and collapse off icons are different from each other.
4) In the Red bar below the header, for each logo, menu items, its showing a colored line. Remove those lines.

RE: Rate custom theme - Exze - 2011-07-15

It's a converted vbulletin theme? Do you have permission?

EDIT: I read copyright and it's not really custom is it? Also the link to doesn't work.

RE: Rate custom theme - kolombaru - 2011-07-19

In my monitor theme look not good enough, And I do not like color mixing (grey and pink) Smile